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The release of the latest version of "Path of Exile" caused a boom in the game, breaking the number of players and Twitch ratings.

With the release of the expanded version of Atlas Echoes, the number of Steam players in the free role-playing RPG Path to Exile has reached a record high. Although "Path of Exile" is active on PlayStation and Xbox, it first appeared on PC in early 2013 and attracted the largest audience. As an alternative to "Diablo 3" that has been plagued by real real-money auction houses, because there is no POE Currency, the release of "Grinding Gear Games" can be said to surpass Blizzard's famous series.

"The Voice of Atlas" is the tenth "Path of Exile" movie, announced last week. The new update continues the story introduced in "Atlas Conqueror" and introduces a new ending event. It also introduces passive skill trees and new Maven NPCs to challenge players challenged by various bosses. In terms of loot , there are 13 new items to choose from around the world, and 11 new maps to explore. Like all other "Path of Exile" extensions, this is an update everyone can get for free.

Perhaps because of the large number of free updates, "Path of Exile" continues to be developed as a game even after seven years. The data collected by the SteamDB team clearly shows that the game reached its peak four days before the expanded version was released. It also shows that the number of game viewers on Twitch has exceeded 200,000 unique users, which is another record. This does not even take into account the fact that users use a standalone client instead of Steam to play on the PC, making Buy POE Currency even more impressive.