How to find Statements of Your TD Ameritrade Account?

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TD Ameritrade is an online broker that helps in online stock trading, long-term investing, and retirement planning. It is the best platform to meet your investment goals.

Using the brokerage service of TD Ameritrade, you can scale up your trading as the best brokers are available on this platform that guides you on how and where you should invest your money. Anyone who has registered for an account on TD Ameritrade can access its services and features. Today we are discussing the method to find the statements of your Td Ameritrade login account.

You can find the TD Ameritrade account statements easily by accessing your account. On this platform, there is an option to choose the date range for your statements and this is easy and simple. Let’s move forward to discuss the method.

Method to find Statements of your TD Ameritrade account

If you are already logged in to your TD Ameritrade login account then skip the log-in process. Follow the steps that we have introduced to find the account statements for TD Ameritrade account:

  1. Using a device (mobile or computer), visit the TD Ameritrade login page
  2. Or open the TD Ameritrade mobile app on your smartphone
  3. Then, on the login page, enter the username and password details for your Ameritrade account
  4. Click on the “Login” option to access your TD Ameritrade account
  5. After accessing your account, look for the “Accounts” tab in your TD Ameritrade account and tap on it
  6. Now, you will see a “Docs” option under accounts, click on it
  7. Then, select the date range for which you want to find statements
  8. Finally, you have found the statements for your TD Ameritrade login account     


In brief, you can find account statements for your TD Ameritrade account and the process is simple and clear. You can find statements easily by accessing your TD Ameritrade login account. You need to enter your login credentials carefully to avoid any issue on the Ameritrade login page. The steps will let you complete the process to find statements that we have mentioned in this post.