How do I use my remaining Walmart gift card balance?

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Nowadays, gift cards are quite popular among people because it allows the receiver to shop the things of his choice. One such gift card among many others is a Walmart gift card which is easy to buy as well as redeem. This gift card can be purchased for any desired amount and you can gift i

Procedure to use your Walmart gift card balance

Here we have explained the procedure to use the remaining Walmart gift card balance:

  1. From your browser, navigate to
  2. Browse through different items and add them to your cart
  3. Now, go to the checkout page
  4. Enter your delivery option and provide payment details
  5. Then, provide your pick up information in the given fields
  6. In the payment method option, choose “gift card”
  7. In the provided space, enter your gift card number
  8. Then, enter the PIN associated with it
  9. After that, click on the “Apply Gift Card” option
  10. The Walmart gift card balance will be deducted from your card

You can also check the gift card balance after making the purchase.

Method to check the Walmart gift card balance

  1. From your browser, go to
  2. Now, on the resulting page, enter your gift card number
  3. Then, provide your gift card PIN code
  4. After that, tap on “Get Card Balance”
  5. The available balance will be displayed on your screen


We hope that all your queries on the Walmart gift card balance are clear to you. Please make sure that you use the available balance in your gift card before the expiry date. In case you are not available how to find your gift card PIN, then you may find out about the same on the official website. As said above, you can use your Walmart gift card at the store as well as at the Walmart shopping site.