Path of Exile: Introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of Delirium League

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As they expected, in the game to expand the boss battle. In actual combat, Delirium's mist will roll before you are about to kill a Delirious boss, removing their extra modifiers and POE Currency rewards. The situation is even worse, with the immunity like The Brine King or Innocence to fight the boss.

Advantage 1: Difficulty. Although players need to spend the first week of the league hard, the developers of Path of Exile have reduced over-training skills to keep the league fair but challenging. The modifier introduced by the alliance has made most levels of skills and build efficiency truly tested. Hordes of nightmares produced more powerful monsters to reward the best players who could clear as many enemies as possible. If the player feels that the league is still too easy, he can place the cooked food ball on his map to produce a permanent cooked food effect on his map. These maps are the most difficult tasks provided by Path of Exile, so that each player can do their best to complete the task.

Advantage 2: Cluster Jewels. After this league is over, Cluster Jewels must be the main content that should be added to the core game. Players can use the passive items they can make to build their own mini skill tree. It is precisely because Cluster Jewels often fall in cooked food encounters that most players are willing to try them. The system is monopolized by hundreds of notables, a breakthrough that can only be generated when some of these notables are combined with other mechanisms. The POE Exalted Orb that suits your body is also very convenient to make, and in this system, even the most casual players can get income. This item type will flip the head of the entire passive tree and will need to stay in the game after the league ends.

Disadvantage 1: Mirror Spawns. The Delirious fog can only be generated through the mirror you find, so it will meet Delirium. The trouble now is that mirrors can be generated at any place on the map, and players are looking for mirrors to maximize the reward of fog. What's more, the mirror will block the corridor leading to the boss or exit in some cases, and also hope that in some cases, the building that skips the alliance mechanism will not be realized. There should also be generated mirrors around the player's spawn point.

Disadvantage 2: Performance. Since Breach league, Path of Exile's performance has been deteriorating with updates. The game finally reached a stable breakthrough point in the Delirium League. The map is often confused due to loading assets or poor connection to the server. With the latest patch, some items will not render textures at all or will not respond to lighting, and appear as gray spots instead of appropriate POE Items. Certain ground and particle effects will not be rendered, resulting in unfair deaths beyond the player's control. Clearing the shader cache and disabling audio (yes, the game ’s audio will cause performance issues) can help, but this leaves many fans uncertain about the stability of Path Of Exile 2.